Leave a bit for me

I feel like everyone wanted a piece of me today.  Mr Manager expects me to price thousands of items of clothing & I mean thousands in a blink of an eye.  I can’t do it.  I told him I can’t.  The answer I got was well you’ve known since Monday.  Telling me something & freeing up my time so I can actually do it are not the same thing.  Strike 1.   I knew it wasn’t going to be my day.  Youngest texts me next.  His mood is awful & I know he’s having a hard time.  Strike 2.  I come home & my phone rings.  It’s his principal teacher telling me she’s having a hard time with him being defiant (Um yeh small clue in his diagnosis).  I can’t advise her because I’m a parent not a teacher.  Strike 3.  Strike 4 happens way to quickly with teacher phoning me to ask if I can pick him up from school.  He’s not excluded but if he’d stayed in school he would have been.  Strike 5 comes when Daddy parent is told & he flips.  Blah, blah follows & apparently it’s all my fault.  Baby child is still in  his defiant mood.  I can’t reason with him & I’m not going to try.  This is a battle I can leave until another day.  It’s not a war & it’s not a big enough problem to become one.  I have my own shit to do today.

I can’t solve every ones  problems.  I’m a bit tired of people expecting me to bale them out.  I’ve got nothing left to give tbh.  If I was a pizza I wouldn’t even have the crumbs left.   I’m so tired of others drama.  I’m totally fed up stressing about other people.  Everyone seems to expect me to do whatever they need or be wherever they want/require me to be,.  They should maybe look to themselves first.   Sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is to stop participating in it.  I don’t want to play with these people anymore.



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