Brighter day

I discovered today that I love working on my own sometimes.   I was totally absorbed in doing what I was doing.  My work isn’t a challenge so I got to let my brain wander & it wandered far.  Four hours later & I was finished.  Time to go back downstairs & rejoin civilization.  The chattering hit me the moment I walked through the swing doors.  A challenging ‘ your the manager aren’t you’ greeted me.   I hate complaints but he was a man & easy to placate.  I promised to try & source what he wanted by next week.  I almost gave him my home phone number before I realised it wasn’t our shop 🙂  After him I quickly dodged a woman who used to work with us.  She recently dumped her 2nd or 3rd husband.  She’s already moved onto next & I really didn’t want to meet him.  She’s in her 60’s so really should know that substitution is no solution.  Maybe though a substitute is a great distraction?  What do I know lol.  It’s 3pm & my washing machine should be loaded before today runs away with me.


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