Whisked back in time.

Most of us are known for something.  I’m known for my unique walk (I refuse to call it funny or weird), my oversized hoop ear-rings & my perfume.  I lost an earring in work this morning.  Our shop is huge & rather than try to find it I just picked another pair when I came home.  I had spied a gold pair out of place in my perfume drawer.  Yes I have a whole drawer just for bottles of perfume.  Then I seen it.  A bottle I’d long forgotten I had.  Elie Saab resort collection.  A perfume so delicious I could bathe in it.  Perfume lifts my mood so for the rest of today I’m in a Elie Saab bubble.  Please no one burst my glorious smelling bubble ;0)


Bad start

I had a seriously bad start to my day.  Baby child had asked me to wash stuff at 9pm.  I washed it, put it in the tumble drier & went to bed.  My tumble drier hadn’t done its thing & he was seriously mad.  As usual it was my fault.  It’s before 8am I’m sitting in front of my tumble drier sobbing.  He’s screaming I wish you were dead. In that moment so did I.  Death would give me peace.  I get up & go upstairs.  He didn’t follow he just starts smashing my ceramic teddies on top of his drawers.  I go downstairs, plug the Hoover in & pick up the pieces.  Let the day begin


Today is almost over.  I’ve still got a couple of washes to do tomorrow.  Today I only managed to get 5 loads done but time just runs away.  Tomorrow is the start of the dreaded school week.  How long will it take youngest to get excluded?  Probably a couple of hours but I do try.  I just wish he’d put some effort in.

The wow was for whoever put the 2 post together today because I’d forgotten about the one in December.  I’m pretty sure both posts are about the same man.  How clever of someone to actually remind me of that.  I just hope that doesn’t mean he’s had me in his head since December.  I’m off to bed & if this site disappears for a while rest assured I’m still around somewhere.  Goodnight, good morning & I hope the sun shines for you 🙂


I got up at 8am this morning.  Despite no work today I’m still going to be busy.  I’ve been in & out of Glasgow already.  I only went into town to pick something up that I needed & straight home.  It’s helpful when our weather is dull & overcast.  I have a mountain of washing to do.  Scottish Water had issues yesterday which meant for 17 hours we were totally without water.   Can you imagine a whole day without running water.  We didn’t know we could cope without flushing toilets & yet we did lol.  No dishes washed, no laundry done, it felt like an never ending day.

My decking is almost finished & that’s the last time I’m ever going to change it.  I usually just drop my standards to meet with what I get.  This time, I’ve held firm because I want what I want & so far, my decking looks good.  It will probably be fucked up in some way but I will hold my resolve to get exactly what I paid for.  My favourite bit is having to find new garden furniture.  I can’t find any that I like but I’m sure I will eventually 🙂

I should be upstairs sorting washing but tbh I can’t be bothered.  I could just open a wardrobe and go to work tomorrow wearing jeans but that would raise Mr Managers eyebrows.  He’s got such a short time left I wouldn’t want to piss him off.  Actually, I can piss him off in so many other ways haha!!

Too much honesty

game over

I had a cringe worthy moment this week.  A guy told me he can’t stop thinking about me.  When I asked why he’d told me he said that honesty is better than lying to himself or me.   He so misjudged that.   The door was swung open to cringe.   I told him maybe the smartest thing to do would be to ignore those thoughts.  What are you supposed to say in those moments.   I admire his honesty but I thought we had a line & he jumped right over it.     He has an image of who I am & I’m not that image.   We’ve spent hour talking to each other..     Tbh its not really me he’s into, he just sees me as a challenge.  I should maybe have admitted that I thought he was just flirting because he likes flirting.