Never gets old

I had intended to write a post about how if it’s not okay its not the end.  I began to wonder what if its people.  What if one person is okay & one isn’t.  Does that matter.   I spent so long being the one who wasn’t okay.  I don’t need to be that person anymore.   Is it okay for me to type I’m okay now, thanks for never leaving but it’s time to jog on now please (would that work?)   What if someone just held on to being okay.    I keep coming back to the end is still the end.  What happens when they’re both okay (really, really okay).   Does that mean you stop creeping about in someone’s blog or hitting on a facebook page (I am so guilty of that!!).   Do I really want to have someone in my head who doesn’t have any business being in it?    I think I’m trying to tell myself something & I’m so not getting it.  When I typed I’m going to be okay I meant it so why am I hesitating because no one else did.    That last sentence was snide but they didn’t give a shit as they skipped merrily away (why can I see Eric Morecombe in my head??).  Creeping about here doesn’t change anything.


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