Some people

I had a conversation with a man this morning.  He looked pleasant enough until he opened his mouth.  He made reference to a woman who’s bisexual calling her a freak.  He then made reference to how people are now referring to themselves as binary.  I pointed out that the term is actually non binary.  I said that it simply meant they didn’t identify with one particular sex.  His teeny pea size brain couldn’t compute that.  How is that possible he asked.  How the fk would I know was the thought that didn’t leave my head.  I simply shrugged & let him waffle on.  I didn’t speak to him but simply went to my smile & nodded.  I’m amazed that level of ignorance still exists in this world.  I really don’t give a shit about what any human being wants to call themselves.  this world has room for us all.  The world is full of judgmental people & I hate them all.


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