What a day!

It’s been one of those weird, wacky days that I love.   I’ve had a couple of men trying to yank my chain.  Firstly the guy at work.  Then I had an American on Facebook who thought it was funny to call every non binary a freak (please look it up if you don’t know).  O yeh, he went there so I pulled him right back.   I have to admit I judged him in exactly the same way as he judged them but heh, I was right.  I think Ron & I will be great friends haha.   He ended by saying he didn’t like me (crushed) but I’m up for the challenge of changing his mind.   Finally I persuaded a man to wear a suit for a wedding on Saturday that doesn’t look like he’s going to a funeral.  Why are men so bloody minded?  I’m so happy I’m a carefree woman.  Enjoy whatever your doing tonight because I intend to enjoy myself 🙂


Comments welcome

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