always busy

I can’t even go 24hrs without a mobile phone.  It’s to hard, to many people want me & I can’t cope.  I’m having to pm people, from a laptop because all my tablets have been smashed (sobbing quietly).  I can’t send silly texts that annoy the hell out of people just because.  I can’t phone people & ask them to change shifts because I don’t have there numbers.  I have no idea when any appointments are, I don’t have the emergency vets number.  I have nothing without my mobile phone.  Yep, my name is Jacqui & I need my mobile.  It’s not a question of just want, it’s a requirement!!!  I spend hours this afternoon searching through drawers for discarded blackberrys, samsungs & iphones.  This mamma is way to efficient.  If it’s not used it heads to the recycle bin.  Someone else has gained but I need a phone!!!

It’s okay.  In a few days this will be an unpleasant memory.  My new HTC M8 will be in my hands & I’ll be happily phoning, texting & surfing like I’ve never been away.  This is really tough though.  I’d thought I’d enjoy the peace but actually life is more trouble without my mobile than it ever is with it.



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