Yesterday was a tough day.  I’ve decided to step back from helping my sons school deal with his challenging behaviour.  They don’t listen to my suggestions anyway.  They have to be ‘seen’ to get results & since Nicky has his own way of behaving I’m going to leave them to it for a while.  My head needs some space.  I don’t have the answers.  It’s ridiculous putting a 13yr old on the phone to get Mummy to try & talk him down.  It doesn’t work despite my best efforts.  They’re putting pressure on me I can live without.

I’ve decided also that I’m going to sleep more.  Right now I have the best of times when I’m asleep.  I feel no stress when asleep and I get to have some cool dreams.  Sleep will do me the world of good.   It’s not great when I’m trying to judge the time so as not to over sleep but I will get a new mobile soon 🙂


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