It’s not often I’m left speechless but this morning I was.  I spoke to Mr Manager on the phone same as I do every week on his day off.  He says ‘I don’t know how to say this’.  I answer with just say it because well, I just did.  Turns out he’s applied for another job within the same organisation.  The job he’s applied for only had one applicant so I’m guessing he’ll get it.  He admitted that the extra £5,000 is the reason he’s applied.  He blah, blahed with I’ve delivered everything you asked of me & he feels ready to move on.  I stiffled the selfish question in my head of what are we supposed to do.  I’m once again left with the choices.  Do I wait until a new Manager is employed & see if we gel.  I could follow Mr Manager but I know I wouldn’t do that or I could just get brave & leave now.  As is typical of me I didn’t give a reaction (I can so do grown-up).  I told him I’d need to process the information.  He’s off to another shop for a couple of days & I’m waiting to be called for jury duty so I’ve no idea how long it’ll be before we cross paths again.  This so suits me.  I’m a tick along & see how things pan out type of woman.  What will be will be I guess.


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