Here we go again

We have 4 weeks of our school year left.  Everytime my youngest child is excluded I’m going to type it here.  He’s just been excluded for the 17th time (yep, 17th time).  He was accused of going to a local shop during his lunch break by the janitor (pig of a man).  Nicky wears a northface jacket the same as hundreds of other kids.  Nicky said he hadn’t been to the shop (he’s not a liar) but had been to the van which is also a no no.  Long, boring story short he told his year head to shut the fuck up.  Mummy is called to pick him up.  Nicky was in with Mr Ineffectual also known as Headteacher.  I was originally told he’d been excluded for today only.  I received a phone call to tell me it’s actually 2 days exclusion so back to school on Wednesday.   I would love to be able to tell those teachers to fuck off but I’m an adult & a responsible adult so I can’t.  They look at me like it’s my fault.  I don’t swear at my children so no, he doesn’t get it from me.  He doesn’t get it from anyone.  He was frustrated to the max & felt backed into a corner.  Nicky’s best defense is attack.  My concern is he now knows the minute he uses the F word he gets a day off.  God, if your reading, you so got this child wrong.  I feel so sorry for all concerned with Nicky’s education.  Mostly though, I just feel sorry for Nicky..


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