Is it to early??

It’s 2.30pm.  I suppose it’s to early for a drink?  I have 6 bottles of wine in my fridge.  That should be enough to blot out the horrendous day I’ve just had.  How many exclusions are we on now??  It must be 18 or 19.  Perhaps we’ve tipped the scales and hit 20.  Whatever number we’re on we have another exclusion.  This time for 6 days.  Once again calling your teacher a stupid fucking bitch who’s teaching methods are shit isn’t the smartest of things to say is it.  He did though.  He came home resigned to the fact that he just can’t help it.  I can’t help it.

I sat in work this morning knowing that I’m probably going to have to give up my job.  Schools in North Lanarkshire don’t seem able to cope.  Our lady’s high school don’t seem able to cope.  actually they don’t want to cope.  Despite him having a diagnosis they still continue to punish him in the same way.  He asks my why & I can’t explain it.  How often can I say if you swear at a teacher you’re going to get excluded.  It’s just groundhog day over & over again.  Home schooling was never an option I wanted to go to.  He needs social interaction but it’s becoming such a stresser sending him to school.  This is just one challenging time for my youngest child.  He’s bright & I had hoped he’d be educated in a mainstream school.  Sadly school is not up to that challenge.  Home schooling may be the only option I’m left with.  It’s a massive decision, do I remove him from school completely & educate him at home or keep battering my head against the same wall.  Anyone fancy a drink??


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