That was awkward

I had a weird dream this morning.  It was a bit jumbled but you seemed happy or at least you smiled that you were.  I’m not sure why I asked you that & I didn’t recognise the pub we were both in.  I had been at the pub with someone & they’d left to do something.  I’d been left in charge of drinks & mobile phones.   We ended up talking to each other.  You ended up leaving as I did.  We walked to a chapel & you went in??  It was a dream, I’m never walking anywhere & I’d never go into a chapel I didn’t know.  I’m then standing in work.  I can be seen from our moll but I rarely look out our windows so was surprised to see you walking in.  In the split second I had to register you.   I said good morning the same way I say it to 90% of our customers but you didn’t get a smile & that told me everything.  I was not amused & don’t ever do that.  I’m now off to start my day scratching my head wondering why I can’t have a dream that just gives me peace.


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