No words

My afternoon should have been quiet.  I had a 2 hour meeting at 2pm.  By the time I got home I was cold & tired.  Youngest started texting obscenities & I just ignored him.  Before I knew it he’s up in my bedroom trashing it.  By the time I got upstairs he’s broken my tall set of drawers.  He starts throwing things at me.  By the end of his meltdown he’s broken my drawers beyond repair, my mirror that leaned against my wall & pissed twice on my bed.  He smashed my laptop & broke his sister’s tv.  Just another day with an explosive child.  I am so tired & all I can do is hold the fuck on.  All because he didn’t get onto the Xbox first today.  I wasn’t even here, I was at work.   I would just go to bed but well, my bed is still wet.  Right now, my sofa will do.

I should mention a teeny positive.  I kept my phone in my pocket & I had a replacement pack of Lambert & butler cigs since he broke the ones I left in the garden.  His face was priceless when he seen I had another pack.   If your the praying type please mention my son in your prayers.  If not, start cos I can’t do this on my own.  Goodnight.


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