Going home :)

In my dream last night I needed my security blanket.  My blanket is a 54yr old man called John.  He’s  built like a brick house, all 6′ 5 of him.  He’s a huge man & he’s always around when I need him.  He has a habit of asking f I’m okay & I tell him when I’m not.   When John & I first became friends I told him my boundaries.  No swearing & no sexual innuendos.    If I see a friendship growing I hit out my boundaries because I like people to know where we stand.  No one can say I don’t warn them because I do.  John only has one child so he doesn’t really get the complexities of having a bigger than average family.   The last time we spoke he said something I didn’t like.  Instead of saying something I just walked away from him.  I haven’t seen or spoken to him in a couple of weeks & I’m missing him.  The dream last night was weird.  I’m all for my personal space & yet when I seen John I almost jumped on top of him.  Thank God it was only a dream because I’m not sure how he’d react if I did that.  Actually, knowing John the way I do, he’d like it way too much 🙂


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