Withering heights

My dream last night had me reaching for my dream dictionary.  I dreamt about one of my front bottom teeth crumbling.  I spent an age looking at it in the mirror.  The dream was so vivid I can still see it.  In my dream as in reality I shrugged but I couldn’t stop myself from looking.  According to my dream dictionary it’s either a fear of getting old or it’s about a feeling of internal collapse.  I don’t fear getting old.  It’s a privilege.  I am 52yrs old so it’s not like I’m a young thing.  I’m wiser than I ever thought I’d be.  I’m happy being my age even if I never admit it.  The internal collapse thing I’m not so sure about.  Things in life change & so must we.  I struggle with external stuff that does affect me but that’s because I’m called Mum.  I’m the same as every one else.  I can go through a whole spectrum of emotions on any given day.  I’m happy if I can just hit flat line.   School is on a break so the pressure is off me & I am appreciating this time.  Dreams come & dreams go.  Thankfully reality wakens me up even if it is an hour after my alarm goes off.


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