Makes me quiver

I sometimes forget I type here.  It’s like one of my children.  It’s mine & I would defend it with my life.  Okay, not really but it is mine & it’s not supposed to be read by people who know me.   I don’t tell people my surname so few would know what to put into a search engine that would bring them here.  Someone new has & it creeps me out.  Who is it?  Is it someone who knows me or someone who thinks they know me.  Do I want to know who it is – Doh!!! of course I do.  Will they let slip some snippet about my life that I’ve shared here & nowhere else?  Probably, but it’ll kill me waiting & wondering.  I should perhaps just be glad of the extra traffic.  I monitor what I put about my personal life so I give nothing away.  Big but though,  you can’t just “find” this blog.  You have to go looking.  If your using a search engine you have to know what to search.  My name is the easier route to here.  I’m not going to worry about it.  Another weird person will make no difference I guess.  Whoever you are big thanks for the 43 extra hits today :))


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