If it works, it works

Back home today to a sleepy house.  Kids only start rousing at almost 2pm.  I’ve been to work, done some shopping & they’re not out of bed.
I’m thoroughly enjoying work.  I’m making a serious amount of money & I’m loving our relief manager.  He’s funny & up for making money however we can.  I just like the man & wonder why he’s so unliked by most of the other staff. 
I’m really trying to enjoy this school holiday.  I know in a few short weeks that sick to my stomach feeling will return.  I need to take the good moments & treasure them. 
I do envy people who either have no kids or who’s kids are grown.  People still find things to moan about but I wonder why.  People have no appreciation for the freedom being child free brings.  I wouldn’t be without my kiddos but o if I could have a but I so would..


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