I sometimes think when I step out of my purple bubble the world is full of mad people.  My sister yesterday got the shock of her life when expecting me to be at the other side of her front door got our Mother.  I have to admit I was gobsmacked when I arrived to see my Mother sat on my chair.  It felt incredibly awkward her being in my sisters space but she was.  My ever critical Mother told my sister she buys too much food, her kitchen is a sorry state & she ought to hoover more.  My big sister is almost 55yrs old.  Lol, we laughed at our Mothers attempt to parent.  Too little too late.  Perhaps I should give her a chance but I won’t.  I can & do however agree that my sister is a shopaholic.  Kate used to have high standards for her home.  Her high standards are long gone.  If she would just stop buying stuff she could start to clear out the mountain of useless “stuff” that clutters her home.  I really don’t get why someone would buy “stuff” just because.

It’s my sisters birthday soon.  I didn’t do my usual over the top shop but rather gave her things I know she’ll use.  I fitted her stuff into one medium sized gift bag & I’m going to continue down sizing gifts.  I would rather gift to a charity on someones behalf than spend needless money on “stuff” they neither need or want.  I should point out that if anyone ever tried that with me I’d cry haha.   As we age our expectations of birthdays should change but I still wake up with a sense of excitement on my own birthday.  It’s just with every passing year I feel like my disappointment is growing.  I’m determined not to lose that excitement but it’s wasted on my own birthday.  Thankfully it’s not my birthday it’s hers & I’m sure she’ll enjoy it.


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