Major oopsey

Technology allows us to have sneaky looks at our past.  Sometimes I like the feeling of superiority it gives me.  Other times I think wow, you did good!  However it makes me feel guilty.  I hate people snooping at me so it’s not okay for me to do it.   The last time I was drinking I had a brainwave.  Yeh, those are never good.  Block the fuckers on Facebook haha.   The one’s we all have, the one who walked away (yeh, once in a lifetime, I wont forget), the one who pants & drools but who actually just wants a shag.  The one’s who have basically no life so who just observe.  It seemed like a smart move just to block them all.  I think it’s telling that I only realised days later that I’d blocked them when I went looking to see if someone else was on my blocked list.  Ironically, they weren’t.  Can you tell I find Facebook exhausting.  I’ve decided if you belong on my blocked list you’ll stay on it.  I’m not going to put people on then off then on.  I’m dizzy just thinking about it.  It takes a lot for me to like someone & add them as a friend on Facebook.  That’s why I only have 1,400 friends.  If I don’t like you your on my block list, its that simple.

You Mr F are neither on my friends list or block list.   Someone once said you only put people you’ve known on your block list if you still care about them.  I do care but I know you won’t look in my page anymore than I’d look in yours.  Well, except when I’m drunk then bets are off.  I actually applaud myself that I haven’t once messaged you.  Actually, that’s not true.  I have but it wasn’t my account.  Any smiley faces or the use of the word cute, that’s all me ;0)  Strangely I kept it mega short so you’d never guess it was me.   I don’t wait for a reply, the thrill is in sending so it’s over to Kate.   I think its quite sweet neither of you mention me.  It’s like I never was except I’m still here.


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