Ticking the boxes

I’m seriously annoyed today.  My not so little kiddo’s return to school on Thursday.  My 3 boys are all ready.  My one daughter returning to school has just decided to tell me her school trainers bought a fortnight ago are to small.  No biggy she thinks except her trainers cost £129 which is quite a sum.   Her trainers are a size 7 so way to small for anyone else in our house.  I just smiled as I bought a size 8 but I wanted to scream.  Thankfully my older daughters don’t return to college/uni for a couple of weeks yet.  I’m pretty sure they’ll have a shopping list for me to.

I’m  a bit flat today.  I can’t be bothered with anything, I need some sleep.  My kiddo’s are being weird & I don’t like it.  They’re all quiet.  Why would my teenagers be quiet?  They’re never quiet & its unnerving me.  I’m going to curl up on my pooches sofa & hope I can nap.  Should I feel guilty that I want to nap??  Who cares haha..


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