Before I go…

A wee heads up.  If you don’t want anyone to worry or show concern keep your shit to yourself.  I get Kate drones on.  Tbh I skipped through most of the message she sent to you but she meant well.  She doesn’t deal with alcohol issues well so the fact she messaged you speaks volumes about her.  I think she did good.  You on the other hand.  Your reply was poor.  It came across as patronising, bordering on bored that someone cared.  When Kate gives up she won’t look back at you so if that’s what you want you played it right.

Your getting the help you need which is good.  I applaud your OH.  I’m not the type of woman who would live with what you drink.   I wouldn’t tolerate it in my world.  Your OH must love you a whole lot to just accept it.  So I know your loved.  I can go about my own business.  It’s quite funny because I was telling Kate on Saturday this cat & mouse game we play; it’s old.  I type here & you read ffs.  I don’t know the man you’ve become.  Yet you know me through this space.   Tbh it’s not Kate you need to leave behind it’s me.  I bet if you left here your world would look a whole lot brighter.  Ian, it’s time to stop visiting here, I’ve nothing left to type for you,.  If you ever want or need anything you can message me, your chat head will stay active.   I’m done.


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