Sore ears

What I had hoped would be a quick visit with my sister turned into a half hour rant from her.  Not a lot I could say except sorry for involving her in something that has nothing to do with her.  I was given information.  It’s nothing to do with me either but I couldn’t ignore it.  I should have asked why & I don’t mean why they told me but why they do what they do.  Blunt & direct is me.  Why is such an easy question to ask.  I’m forever wonder what the answer would be.

As my security blanket pointed out to me today I am an infuriatingly annoying laid back human being.  My sad face made him backtrack to but your hearts always in the right place.  Today was not the day for serious talk.  We just chatted about meaningless stuff.   He did say that I should be more responsible in work & stop being so chilled.  I’m not sure how or why me being chilled pisses people off.  I’m just of the opinion that life is way to short to be jumping up and down about inconsequential stuff.

It’s a beautiful afternoon.  I’m going to sit in my garden with my pooch Fudge.  I’m going to have a can of diet coke & try and figure why I’ve suddenly lost the knack of blowing smoke rings.  I’ve smoked for ever & suddenly I can’t blow a smoke ring??  If I can’t master it I’ll just have to settle for some tic-tacs & blowing some bubbles.  You don’t need to like me but I do keep it real.


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