No place like it

I left my home town to work in another location.  Stenhousemuir is like a dot on a map.  A teeny, weeny dot that has nothing going for it.  It’s quiet & dreary.  It’s people are friendly enough but they want something for nothing.  We don’t do something for nothing.  I did double Ex Mr Managers takings for the day.  By the time I left his shop had made more today than it has done all week.  I miss him but not enough to transfer out from my own shop.  No place like home is true for me.

I cannot believe I managed to stay awake all day.  I was out last night & didn’t get to bed until 2am.  It was nice catching up with my bestie.  No one on this planet knows me like she does,.  We laughed & giggled the night away.   Tonight will be another late night.  Alcohol will be involved this evening but since I didn’t drink last night I’m allowing it.  I’m not going to worry to much about the alcohol I consume.  I can take it or leave it.  I’m not about to become paranoid because I’m always aware.  I drink 7 units of alcohol on a Saturday afternoon.  I used to mix it with beer but the wine is more than enough these days.  Tonight I’ll have the same bottle so that’s my 14 units for the week.  My wine is like sunshine in a bottle & who could want more than that.


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