Let sleeping dogs lie..

Chat conversation start

If u want to block me….that’s fine, and your absolute right. Whether you care or not….there was no need to block me. I have no interest in your life.  I have always tried not to judge you, and I have had cause to. I have never been or acted like your ETERNAL ENEMY…..that’s not ever how I viewed you. However, this BLOCKING thing….you alone chose to do that for some unknown reason and all I can say to that is this…..EVERYONE in my life gets ONE chance. You have had way more than that and used them all up. I’m DONE and when I say that I mean it. Their will be no further contact from me even if you happen to relent one day and remove the block from me…..NOTHING. I wish I could say I understand but I don’t and I wish I could say I wish you well but I’m struggling with that. I’m shocked and saddened by what you have done….its inexplicable and unwarranted to me and I’m offended by it. Forgiveness I can do but forgetting….not this girl. Time to continue to get on with my life….I suggest you find a way to move on with yours, without reaching back into the past by engaging in viewing/reading/ of stuff written by people from your past. Or maybe this has all been some sort of game to you – I don’t know and frankly don’t care.  There is a small part of me that believes that is what you want…..the bigger, more rational, brain engaged, smart, savvy women that is me….says NO it isn’t…you need the past to function, you need support, maybe even an escape. If I am right and I hope you don’t ever respond to this to tell me….then sadly, this door is closed, bolted and has been nailed shut….so you will have to go elsewhere for whatever it is you need. As Ive said, I’m done.