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Never an option

 I learned that who doesn’t look for you, doesn’t miss you and who doesn’t miss you doesn’t care for you… that destiny determines who enters your life but you decide who stays… that the truth hurts only once and a lie every time you remember it. There are three things in life that leave and never return: words, time and opportunities… therefore, value whoever values you and don’t treat as a priority whoever treats you as an option.


Finding courage

I did something today that I’m proud of.  I was apprehensive but I had to do it.  I was dreading it but I did it anyway.  It was neither perfect or brilliant but I did it.  Fear is always just a reaction but finding courage is a decision.  I feel so grown up :0).

To infinity & beyond

I’m feeling safe.  It’s been years since I’ve felt able to allow infinite scrolling of this blog.  I can’t quite believe I’ve just re-instated it.  It’s an exciting moment.  I even went to bed last night without checking my stats.  I felt super proud when I realised this morning.  I’m not sure whether it was because I’m feeling unwell or  because the memory of someone is finally fading.

If you want to rid your head of someone you might have to wait until they vacate your blog.  In my case it’s taken years but we’re finally getting there.  The less they visit here the less they’re in my head.  That can only be good right??

It should be bedtime

Tomorrow I have to be smiley.  It’s my Mothers birthday so I get to go out for lunch.  I hope by the time tomorrow comes I’ll have mustered some enthusiasm.  I wouldn’t bank on it though lol.  I’ve dyed my hair so I’m now no longer looking like a bag lady.  That cheeky description was given by said Mother earlier this week.  She’s a peach that woman.

So, I’m still sick.  I’ve stopped puking but I’ve still got the banging headache & nose thingy going on.  I’ve no idea how I’ve managed to get through this week.  My Christmas prep has continued & I’ve almost finished shopping.   I’ve finished my Christmas food shopping which is a huge relief.  I’ve just to buy alcohol gifts for the grown-ups & I’m finished.

It had to happen


It was bound to happen.  Kids have been dragging germs in & out of my home for weeks.  I’m the queen of antibacterial hand gel but some pesky germ has invaded my body.  I have all the symptoms above & more.  I like to throw up when ‘sick’ is approaching.  I panic so much I’m physically sick.  I’m a sad, snivelling shell of a woman haha.  I shall be posting wonderful little images until I feel better.

6 things you shouldn’t do in life, ever.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to anyone.  You are totally different from everyone else.  Your unique foibles & quirks are what make you you.  You don’t need to compete with anyone else.  Just be you.
  2. Don’t waste your time stalking anyone in FB, WordPress or last known location on Whatsapp (heard of ghost mode?).  A gentle reality check, if they wanted to communicate with you they would.  If they don’t a hundred years could pass; they still wouldn’t.   Move along, enjoy your own life.
  3. This should maybe have came before 2) but don’t abandon someone after giving them your attention.  It kills them & it’s pretty scummy.
  4. Don’t take things personally.  Even when you know it is personal & designed to hurt do not take it.  If you can do that then you win.
  5. Don’t let anyone capitalise on your good/bad nature.  Allow others to think of you what they want.  Your job is not to validate any one but yourself.
  6. Don’t let sadness, frustration or anger linger inside of you.  Just be happy.  If you can’t be happy go find it.  Find it wherever you need to but find it.