You need this

Since I got out of bed this morning I’ve had a weird feeling.  Tbh I don’t need or want any shit in my life.  I’m not going to distract myself but my head kept repeating don’t piss me off or invade my thoughts.  Not today, not tomorrow, just not now.  I need peace right now.

spooky weird

I had dreaded typing here & yet here I am.  I’m not about to restart typing about my world.  I’m  going through a tough time & I guess I’m choosing not to share.   When my gut kicks in though I will always come here.  I’m not the only one am I?  You are seriously wearing me down my Ex Noddy.  I’m not going to suddenly let my guard down & type something I shouldn’t.  Lol Noddy, thats a name I haven’t even thought of in years.

john lennon quote

I used to believe that quote.  Sometimes you know things are not okay & never will be. You know that you need to draw a line & say it’s the end whether things are okay or not.   It’s just the way life plays out I guess.  My big shrug means whatever, just let it be,,..