Get the fuck over it

I had a friend called Bud.  I thought Bud was lovely until I realised that he’s a bigot.  Mention a gay, bi or trans to him & he’ll loop the loop.  It’s not natural he says.  I blame the parents he said..    Do not, under any circumstances blame the parents of a trans for said child being trans.  If that’s your misguided belief at least have enough respect not to say it to the parent ie me.  I do not care whether any one is gay, straight, bi, trans or wants to be green or pink with polka dots.  Be nice to me & I shall be nice to you.  I’m shaking my head at how some people survive in this world.  At least Bud didn’t quote the bible at me because I have more than enough to quote back at him.  I have a child who’s FTM (female to male).  The journey Jayson is on is his, not mine.  I am however his Mother & I’d use my last breath to fight for his right to be whatever the fuck he wants.