Leaving the light on

Baby child during a meltdown yesterday hurt himself.  He came down stairs with blood dripping though his hand saying it’s okay.  With him, when he says that, it’s not.  A visit to one hospital yesterday & another one this morning.  He’s fasted from midnight.  His appointment with the plastic surgeon is at 7am.  I’m sitting quietly in the dark worrying.  I’m a Mum who doesn’t get involved with hospital visits for my kids.  I never go.  That maybe sounds strange but I never have.  It’s an unwritten law that my kids are returned to me in good condition.  We all react differently & I go to mad Mum.  It’s every ones fault.  I want my child fixed without delay & when it doesn’t happen I stamp my feet.  Baby child has no idea of the severity of the damage he,s done to his hand & I’m crossing everything that he can get through it without ever finding out.