If they all could

I’m only on day four of being unwell.  I’m a grouchy fuck when I’m ill.  I want the world & every one in it to stay the fuck away from me.  I want to sip my decaf coffee & chain smoke till I’m sick.  I don’t want any one yanking my chain or pissing me off.  Sadly the world & humans can’t seem to take a fucking hint.

I’m now off work for three days.  For the next three days I’m going to hide under a duvet on my sofa.  I’m only going to venture out when a nicotine hit is required.  I’m not going to cook.  I’m not going to clean.  I’d love to not have to speak to anyone but sadly, people don’t hear my silent screams of get the fuck away from me.  I hope the weekend is fun for you cos mine’s going to be miserable.