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What my normal looks like

Okay so today is yet another day off work.  I’m pointing out that I work for the love of it since I don’t get paid.  Just in case you guys think I get way to many holidays.  This morning seen my tackling the dreaded laundry.  I’m sure any fireman would say my laundry piles construes a fire hazard given it was piled up against one of my house doors.  We have enough windows.  I’d just throw poochy out & we’d be safe.  Notice I didn’t mention my thirteen year old autistic child but he’s my constant shadow so where I go, he goes.  Back to the laundry.  The dreaded bath towels.  Despite having a 9kg washing machine it took 3 loads this morning just to wash the towels.  One work wash for me, one wash for a teenager followed by a woolen wash & I’m done.  Did I just type I’m done because someone is going to fk that up.

My dining table is lost once more.  It’s covered in dry laundry.  It’s folded in cute piles but they’re covering my table.  I worry not since the chairs have been covered by school blazers, rain jackets, winter coats for God knows how long.  I know why though.  A random daughter (she’s called Jen) put black bags in front of my coat cupboard.  Chairs do nicely, they fill my chairs & my teenagers move onto my banisters.  My teenagers are ingenious at being lazy.  They put sloths to shame.  I have no time today obviously since I’m sitting banging on my keyboard whilst eating lunch.  The table & chairs can wait till another day.

The real reason I’m off work is I’m having some ridiculous work done in my bedroom this afternoon.  The unfucked bedroom has remained unfucked.  I admit I didn’t clean my windows but workmen shouldn’t have time to look out windows should they.   I hate having people in my home.  Fudge hates strange men (as do I lol).  It unsettles autistic child & stops me from doing what I want to be doing (sleeping, oops, I mean sorting table & chairs).  Roll on tomorrow when today will be a distant memory.

How would you know

woopy woop

My name is on this list.  You obviously wouldn’t get my name from Decaf white, no sugar.  You know how I take my coffee though 🙂  My name is Jacqueline.  It’s pronounced Jacqu-e-line not Jacqu-e-leen as so many people say it.  That’s partly the reason it’s normally abbreviated to Jacqui or just Jacq.  I hate mispronunciation with a passion.  Get it right or don’t say it.