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O weird one..

Yesterday I had 2am visit from you? That’s never good. You were drunk I’d assume? At that time puppy & I were sound asleep. Alexa was playing my current favourite sleep sound (wind). I hope you don’t suffer from hangovers & I know it was you because your later visit showed both were from the same visitor. Sometimes, just sometimes technology works as it should :))

I had an interesting conversation with Kate about a phone call our Mother had mid week. Some guy with an accent was looking for someone in Stromness, Orkney. Our area code is not even similar to that of Orkney. My Mothers grandfather was from Stromness which made it weird for her. I think it was a wrong number. Kate though, she thinks it was you. I think that’s absurd, why would you phone her. I’ve not changed either of my numbers so I’m just as accessible. If it was you, don’t do it again. If theirs a next time I’ll become reactive & we wouldn’t want that would we.